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August 20, 2010



I have mixed emotions watching the troops being welcomed back home. First, it's wonderful to see so many people come out to welcome them back.....a far cry from the way so many veterans of the Vietnamese war were treated. On the other hand I believe all of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan should have been home long ago.

It sickens me to think of all of those who were injured or killed for causes, other than our initial venture into Afghanistan to try to find OBL and his top henchmen after 9/11, that were never justified. Once we failed in that initial incursion into Afghanistan we should have admitted it and brought those troops home then.


Don, I understand what you're saying, I guess I look at it a little differently. I just think the whole thing got too political. One side hoping for defeat to make the other side look bad. No way to run a war and no way to treat our men and women in the military.

I'm so happy to see them coming home and so happy to see President Bush showing his respect and love for our troops.

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