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July 05, 2010



Julie, you wrote: “Foremost? Is this a joke? Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be:”

The only joke is Obama being our president and presumed leader of the free world.


You're right. I tell you, I just don't know how it happened. The leader of the free world. God help us.


As football officials are often heard saying, "After further review", Obama may be a genius if he orders NASA to send all Muslims to Mars or some other remote place in space. If NASA complies, then "Genius Joe" Biden will be our president.


LOL! I'm for that. Genius Joe is at least good for a few laughs.


Information is power, use it wise!

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The Federalist Papers

  • Degree of Madness
    "...... ambitious encroachments of the federal government, on the authority of the State governments, would not excite the opposition of a single State, or of a few States only. They would be signals of general alarm.....But what DEGREE OF MADNESS could ever drive the federal government to such an extremity." Federalist #46 James Madison

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