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December 12, 2008



Next time there is a hurricane.....Alabama is on its own! No donations. Shelby has no concern for the state of the economy or hardworking Americans. Is he going to decline the pay raise Congress is going to get on Jan 1?


So in other words, Shelby must support any and all legislation that gives money to anyone in any state regardless? Alabamians pay taxes just like everyone else. It is the job of our reps in Congress to make sure those tax dollars are wisely spent. Propping up failing companies is not wise.

Shelby has been consistent on this issue, whether it's the automakers or Wall Street. I suggest to you that it's the union leaders who care nothing about the economy or hardworking Americans, including their own union members. Look at the facts. The burden UAW has put on the automakers is staggering.

Auto executives aren't blameless here but Gettelfinger's demand that Americans, most of whom earn much less that his union workers, subsidize UAW is outrageous.

I do not wish to see hardworking union members lose their jobs, but they are surely aware of the situation their employers are in. They are reaping what their union leaders have sown. And by the way, I haven't read where Gettelfinger has said he would suspend union dues for his workers to help them out during this time???

By the way, rarely mentioned is the cost of the bureaucracy that would be created to monitor the car companies should they get their bailout. Taxpayers would have to foot the bill for that too.

Alabamians have spent the money to attract automakers to our state (as have citizens in other southern states). These automakers are building cars, paying salaries and benefits, and contributing to our state. The state of Michigan, run by Democrats, has watched Detroit sink lower and lower. What have the leaders in Michigan done? October, 2007:

In the wee hours of the morning, lawmakers in Michigan decided that the way out of the state's horrible economic mess is to raise taxes by more than $1 billion.

Michigan elects their leaders just as the union members do. Maybe they need to rethink some things. The rest of us are not interested in throwing good money after bad.

Again, Senator Shelby has been consistent. He voted against the Wall Street bailout just as he did against this one. He is looking out for hard working Americans. ALL of them.

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