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October 11, 2008


Scott Allan

I think the biggest danger would be in Ohio where you can vote at the moment you register or with absentee ballots. I would think the Board of Elections could easily find duplicate absentee ballots if they were so inclined. I don't really think all these phony voters can actually show up on election day. I think the Acorn activists get paid by each person they supposedly recruit so they are just faking it to get paid.


If you go to http://www.sos.state.al.us/downloads/election/vr/nvra-2.pdf on the Alabama Secretary of State website and scroll down the page a bit you will find the State of Alabama Mail-In Voter Registration Form. On that form, near the top of it and above the portion that has to be filled in, you will see the following:

"ID requested: You may send with this application a copy of a current and valid photo identification, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows your name and address."

NOTE that is says "ID requested" instead of "ID required". NOTE ALSO the numerous things that are acceptable to identify applicants, many of which may not actually identify them because they could be forged or documents stolen from a real person's mailbox or trash.

So we know that some form of identification is requested under state law in order to register to vote in Alabama. The problem is that REAL identification isn't required and that there are too many things that will be accepted as identification of the applicant that may not actually identify them.

That leaves wide open the door for voter fraud in our state.

We deserve better than that.

Hopefully Alabamians will DEMAND better than that from our state legislature and the members will comply.


Another problem is the cost of finding and verifying these fraudulent registrations. It's a racket any way you look at it.

Scott I agree most of the fake voters won't be voting but remember 2000 in Missouri?

Missouri’s secretary of state reported that among 1,384 ballots illegally cast, 62 belonged to felons, 79 were from vacant lot registrations, 86 voted twice, and 14 votes were in the names of dead persons. Of 1,268 applications for court ordered permission to vote, 1,233 were improperly granted to people who had never registered, but gave excuses that allowed them to vote.

Ohio is a problem.

A federal appeals court sided with Ohio's top elections official Friday in her running battle with Republicans over how to verify the eligibility of newly registered voters.

The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals set aside a federal judge's order a day earlier that Democratic Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner institute the means to verify voter registration information and make it available to Ohio's 88 county election boards.

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