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January 12, 2008


Scott Allan

On terror, I would have to hope that McCain is better than Clinton and Obama. Huckabee talked tough about Iran the other night, but I get such a Jimmy Carter vibe from him that really makes me nervous.

I really hope conservatives in Michigan and South Carolina can give Mitt and Fred each a win to start moving things in a different direction. I saw on Fox News that McCain is the only candidate that has any shot against the Dems. They say all the other candidates have over 50% negatives. Of course it is WAY to early and irresponsible to say something like that unless you are trying to influence the election.

I could almost understand why McCain would do well in the general election, but for the Republican nomination, I can't figure out what's going on. It's almost as if the Independents have hijacked the primaries. I'm gonna come up with a vast left wing conspiracy that involves George Soros and MoveOn.org that explains why conservative candidates can't seem to get any traction. I refuse to believe that the Republican base has strayed so far so fast. The media certainly has been rooting for the more moderate/liberal republican candidates. Before every primary they say the conservatives are finished. Mitt and Fred were finished after IA and NH and now they'll be finished after MI and SC. They created so much Huckabee and McCain buzz after one primary that they didn't need to spend any money.

In other words, yes, I agree this is very discouraging. I'm really rooting for Giuliani's strategy to work now. Something has to shake this process up.

Any ticket with Romney/Thompson/Giuliani sounds much better than McCain/Huckabee.

Sorry I'm rambling tonight.



I wonder, too if the Republican primary has been hijacked somehow. Otherwise what explains it? Other than the obvious media hype. How can conservatives prefer McCain or Huckabee? By the way, hope you don't mind I used your quote. It was so on the money, I could have stolen it or quoted it!

I would love to see a Thompson/Romney ticket. You know I'm a Fred Head but it would make sense to put Fred at the top of the ticket simply because he's older. That would leave an opportunity for Mitt to run when Fred's term(s) is/are up. I sincerely believe that's the best ticket to unite conservatives. The best way to insure a Democratic win is to split conservatives.

And...I am so sick of the media I don't know where to begin. I read an article earlier, from CNN, that said Republicans would "face a tough general election fight", blah, blah, blah. For crying out loud, look how they blew it in the N.H. primary?? Yet the pundits continue to try and influence public opinion. So much for reporting the news. They now insist on predicting it.

Don't apologize for "rambling". I appreciate your comments, you always inform and give me something to think about.


Check this out re: media influence:


Scott Allan

Someone at MMM pointed out that we haven't had any red state primaries yet. NH used to be a Red State but people from Mass. moved there in droves the last few years because nobody could afford the housing and taxes (such as I did several years ago). So... hopefully... when we get to some real conservative states...

Scott Allan

Check this out



Re: no red states voting yet, that's one thing that bugs the heck out of me. Three states have had their say in this, yet all we hear in the media is that Romney must win Michigan, Fred must win S.C. and so forth. Unfortunately the candidates spend so much money trying to win Iowa they run out before they get to the rest of us! And because of the pontificating coming from the media, people are hesitant to donate to candidates they think might drop out. We have somehow managed to let the media have too much control over the process.

I like Michelle's poll results. I'll tell you, the more I hear about (and from) Mike Huckabee, the less I like him. And I didn't like him much to begin with. Remember your Vote for Huckabee is a vote for God post? This is from the Washington Post:
Huckabee: Evangelical Christians now have a chance to lead GOP.

Here is a quote from one of Huckabee's supporters:

"It's saying, 'You've been shut out. You've voted for people in the past who've said they represent you. Why not get somebody that's one of you?' " Schmalzbauer said. "It's a kind of religious populism that goes along with economic populism."

Economic populism. Ugh.

Here it is again:

Joel Hunter, an evangelical pastor who heads the Orlando megachurch Northland, A Church Distributed, said his congregants are particularly receptive to Huckabee's message because the candidate combines economic and religious populism.

"Especially with the economic insecurity people are feeling, they like that there's a leader who, because of his religious belief, really wants to care for everybody," said Hunter, who recently announced that he is backing Huckabee in the upcoming Florida primary. "It's about evangelicals who are willing to care for people who are hurting, who are marginalized."

Link: http://tinyurl.com/2ljshc

Scott Allan

"Huckabee: Evangelical Christians now have a chance to lead GOP."

or destroy the GOP depending on how you look at it.

So much for the Big Tent. This move toward religion and liberalism certainly will not encourage people to support the party.


How can Reagan conservatism have disappeared so quickly? Or is this just more liberal media bias and wishful thinking? Reagan's legacy had very little to do with religion and mostly to do with proven social, political, and economic principles. Jimmy Carter was an evangelical President and a disaster. Being evangelical by itself does not make you a good leader.

Voting for a candidate that shares your religion is about as important as voting for someone who shares your race or gender. I'm not so sure you should sacrifice proven conservative principles for someone who looks, sounds, or acts like you do.

Evangelicals are voting for Huckabee because "he cares for everybody who is hurting or marginalized" sounds naive and an awful lot like something out of the liberal, class-warfare playbook. We are voting with our feelings instead of our heads.


I'm afraid you're right and I hate to see it. The Republican party is the best place for evangelicals but they can leave their economic populism outside the tent.

By the way, I just read this:

Joint Chiefs Chairman: Close Guantanamo


Scott Allan

Good grief! It's like club med down there. I might go there during April vacation.

I'm so glad world opinion shapes our foreign policy. Let's get the terrorists into our prison system so they can recruit other disenfranchised youth.


LOL, Scott. Maybe we could have a blogger meet-up at Gitmo!

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