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August 05, 2007


Maccus Germanis

Perhaps we infidels should sue for the defamation and incitement to bodily harm found in the koran. Pulp that piece of garbage.

Always On Watch

This coming school term, my literature class will be reading Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, science fiction about a dystopia. In the novel firefighters burn books. So here we are with the reality being that Saudi Arabia can cause what amounts to a 21st Century book-burning.

How long before Saudi manages to get other books recalled or destroyed?



I'm wondering if a publisher in the US can get the rights to publish the book. I was thinking Regnery might do it.

Well said, MG

Always On Watch

I linked to your posting.


Thanks, I updated my post, too.


I emailed one of the authors, they are talking with Cambridge Press about copyright etc, with the goal of getting it re-printed in the USA.

It is still available currently as an ebook.
$22, Search for "Alms for Jihad" I got it last night and it's very well researched and the book is worth it for the research alone.

Last time I checked most of the 911 hijackers were saudi's, seems to me there isn't any confusion as to who we should be hunting down and bringing to justice.


Chad, thanks for the heads up on the ebook. I hope the authors can get it published. They obviously put a lot of work into it and people need to read it.

I also hope the story of the cave in to Sheikh Mahfouz gets more attention.



Why don't you read this before making up your mind? Real publishers are in the business of responsibility for content, and the verification of facts, unlike the blogosphere where rumour flourishes unchecked. The authors of the book were unable to provide evidence to prove their claims beyond reasonable doubt in a court of law, so their publishers are therefore unable to fight on their behalf. A reputation for scholarly probity means considerably more than appeasing the "lights going out" opinions of the paranoid US Right, and it is that reputation which Cambridge University Press is presumably protecting.

If you have cast-iron proof of Mr Mahfouz's activities, then please, go ahead and publish your evidence. If, as I suspect, you know very little about him, then why sound off in a public forum?


I got my information on Sheikh Mahfouz the same as I assume you did. I read many sources and came to my own conclusion.

I notice your link is a blog as well, although I can't get the page to load.

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