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April 19, 2007



It was good to finally meet you last night, dudette.

And I told you wrong last night, anyway. It's ampersandTRADEsemicolon (you can lowercase the TRADE, I just did it that way to make it easier to read here. You can also ampersandCOPYsemicolon for a Copyright symbol. I don't think they'll work in comments, though, or at least I couldn't figure out how to do it.


Sniper One

Your trackback worked, so I'd say your ahead of the game.


Thanks, TD, I'm gonna try it. And it was great to meet you too. You were the very first blogger I "met" and I couldn't believe you lived "next door"! Nice to put a face to the blog.

And I finally got a trackback to 7.62mm Justice! I have arrived and am indeed ahead of the game, for a change.

c.a. Marks

LOLOLOLOLOL my significant other can be a smart a$$ at times but it is one of the things i like about him. LOL


Every comment I've read from those who were there indicates that a great time was had by all. Sounds like a fun time, and I'm happy that you enjoyed it.


Don, We had a great time. We have a really good group and I hope it will grow. It's funny, I'm a homebody in every sense of the word but I truly enjoy getting out and getting to know the bloggers I "read" daily. The bonus is meeting new bloggers and adding to my daily must read list.

I'm sending you an email tonight, please let me know your thoughts. I will be out of pocket tomorrow, I'm going to the A Day game to check out Coach Saban!

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