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May 06, 2010



Julie, thanks for reporting what media seems to have ignored, and kudos to the military jury that rendered a not guilty verdict in this case.



What a relief. This whole ordeal just made me sick. I can't imagine what our Navy SEALS went through, but thank God it's over.

And thank you for being here.


Julie, I’m here every day (as I feel others may be) and I miss you when you don’t have time to post something new for us to read.


@MrYahoost We would know about it - Our media practices self ceinhrsosp on the level that Israel's zionist media did in the 70s, and that Nazi Germany's media did in the 30s. You think our pathetic mainstream media reports on anything outside of the discourse of the Statist Nationalist neo-liberal agenda? The people of Iraq don't want us there. The ones who hang around the troops are suckups. The majority stay inside their homes becuase they are scared.

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