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January 18, 2010



Keep your fingers crossed!


Are Democrats so out of touch with the public that they can’t gauge the preference of Massachusetts’ voters, or are these polls wrong? If the polls are correct, then why would Obama have stuck his neck out by going up there to campaign for Coakley and hurt his own image by backing a loser? Desperation, perhaps?


I don't get the feeling Obama was too happy to be there! Too bad.

Hey, Linda! I've got fingers crossed and prayers said.

I don't mean to speak ill of the dead, but what irony that this is ole Ted's old seat...


Ginger @ 11:32 amWhat Bush/Clinton are saying cash right now is the most dire need. There are now and have been for years, many cuchrh based, unaffiliated groups doing all kinds of different types of work. Any cash raised not only by their organization but the world will be distributed throughout these organizations that are already on the ground. Once our military can get some more runways in, ships can dock-the rebuilding efforts can begin. One thing I would not do, is rebuild the capital on or near the fault line.Floresta Seeks $220,000 to Restore Haitian Farms Ruined by Storms.Publication: Business WireDate: Thursday, September 18 2008You are viewing page 1* Aid targeted at preventing further devastation with careful planting* First $56,000 in donations to be matched by anonymous donorSAN DIEGO In an effort to break Haiti's cycle of hurricane disaster by focusing on reforestation, the San Diego-based global charity Florestahas put out a call for immediate aid to farmers who face utter devastation from several recent storms.Floresta has planted nearly 250,000 trees in Haiti over the past 10 years, helping thousands of the world's poorest people stop the erosion and deforestation that is a leading cause of poverty.


SueK-patriots MABoston MA weather for Tuesday38b0F | 29b0F Partly SunnyLooks like you guys have half-way dencet weather for election day.Good signs for MA: Scott Brown ran out of signs, people making homemade. People out in the streets for Scott, despite the weather. SEIU folks wearing their T-shirts while holding Scott Brown signs. The most committed folks for Scott that anyone has seen lately, and it is not summertime.What an exciting race you 1776 (2) folks are having and thank you for sharing.I think in every election from here on in the words will be: Fiscal Responsibility.Most Americans do NOT like wasteful spending or patronage deals, I can't stand the way Obama and minions throw the peoples money around, where did they get the idea it's their money?


Bill, So you believe that the cnrreut administration should ram this healthcare bill through immediately. Were you not watching last nights results? Sen. Brown ran his campaign on 41 , with his being the vote to stop the healthcare law. With that campaign, he was overwhelming elected in a state that shys away from Republican Senators. This, I believe, was an election won because of the new administration can't understand that people don't want a healthcare law at any cost. If they can pass a bill with no union or state deals, I believe it would stand a better chance of being more popular. They need to listen to what people are saying.

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